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    Fireworks CS5 Error on launch


      OSX 10.6.3. Master collection trial download. Fixed permissions recursively on ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe which fixed Dreamweaver and Flash problems. Fireworks wont work though. On launching the problem a dialog comes up (no startup screen) stating "Fireworks can not run. A parameter was incorrect." Any insights on this?

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          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee

          I am assuming that you are doing this in the user folder location. Can you also check the permissions for folder /Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CS5/ in the user folder?


          In extreme case will it be possible for you to spare your machine for some time so that engineering team folks can look inside the machine?




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            isaacrivera Level 1

            Yep, had just done that when your reply came in. It does the trick. In fact, doing same for all adobe preference files fixes even more issues on the whole suite. Like Flash remembering layout state etc.


            Thanks for your reply.



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              Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee

              So now you are able to launch and use all the CS5 apps including Fireworks?



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                Bryan Barnes Level 1

                I have the same problem. I deleted the folder and it worked! thanks!

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                  MLMorgan85 Level 1

                  I had the same problem after downloading and installing the trial version of Design Premium CS5. I navigated to my preferences folder, deleted the Fireworks CS5 folder, relaunched Fireworks, and that resolved the issue.

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                    timtro Level 1

                    FIreworks CS5 - Windows Vista running on 64 machine. Installed Fireworks CS4- Same problem. Reinstalled Firworks Studio 8, no problem.


                    "Your user privileges do not allow Fireworks to update your rigistry. Launch and Edit with Dreamweaver will not work properly until Fireworks is launched while using Administrative priviledges." (Can't close warning message).

                    Also, can't set file preferences - Right click, open with, .... Not in the list. Same on Win 7 on 64 laptop. Two 64 machines. Installed on clean install Win7 64, no problem. India support not at all helpful so far.


                    What folder do I need to delete if it's not a Mac?


                    Help, anyone?

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                      ArunKaza Adobe Employee


                      On Win Vista and Win 7, you can find the FWCS5 preferences file at: [Drive or C:]\Users\[username]]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Fireworks CS5\

                      1. Rename this "Fireworks CS5" folder on your system and then launch Fireworks.

                      2. Note that on launching the app, this folder gets re-created again (if not present already).




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                        timtro Level 1



                        I did that, it generated a new directory, I went through the association

                        process, I selected Fireworks CS5 fireworks.ext, it didn't add it to the

                        association list, and it launched Fireworks 8. I did the same thing again

                        using Fireworks CS4 - Same thing. Both machines.


                        No change. Both Vista-64 and Win7-64


                        RE: the Win7 install where we set up a new "Adobe" admin user account and it

                        did work correctly, why can't we transfer something from that user file into

                        the active user file?


                        Tim Trott

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                          timtro Level 1

                          After using Fireworks CS4 and CS5 I find neither one is a good fit for my workflow because, for one thing, I constantly have to keep "floating" image windows in the process of gathering images for gif animations, so maybe it's all the better that it doesn't launch correctly anyway.


                          I'll try it again later after some future updates.

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                            Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee

                            So I am assuming that you have been able to launch Fireworks CS5 successfully?



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                              timtro Level 1



                              If you read through the past messages you can see that the problem is that I

                              am unable to associate images with either Fireworks CS4 or CS5. CS5

                              sometimes hangs on launch in Vista. We have tried generating a new admin

                              user account, uninstalling FW8, reinstalling, and browsing directly to the

                              fireworks.exe file. Your support person has remote viewed and recorded all

                              the failed functions.


                              Again, I am able to launch either version from the shortcut icon, but it

                              still does not work in my normal workflow, which is to click images in email

                              attachments and assemble gif animations for use in web sites. What happens

                              is that the image opens in a Windows viewer. Copy and paste from there into

                              Fw does not function so I must then save the image to the desktop, launch

                              Fireworks and browse to the desktop location. Dragging the image into

                              Firefox is not always reliable. Once inside Fireworks, I must constantly

                              float image windows in order to assemble them into a gif animation. All in

                              all, Fireworks in the present form fails to fit into my normal web design

                              workflow. Macromedia knew much better how to write this program. It was

                              never intended to be another Illustrator or Photoshop.