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    dupictate dynamic textField

    lostinscript Level 1

      Does anybody know how i can dupicate a textfield that is read from an xml file?

      I have an xml video playlist where there is one empty movie clip on the stage that is dupilcated according to how many videos are in the xml file. I mostly got the code from a book (as im still trying to get to grips with xml and flash) and i dont fully undersstand whats going on. the videos work fine, im just having trouble getting the textfields to show.

      So i have a series of thumbnails that are placed on stage (from one empty movieclip that is duplicated to show the correct number of thumbnails) that when clicked play the relevent video from a seperate ideo folder. I just need the descriptive text to do the same ( to show text loaded from the xml alongside the thumbnails)..

      Anyhelp would be great...