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    Tilelist - How to prevent auto-scrolling on item-selection

    NewFlo Level 1

      Good Afternoon!

      I have a little problem, maybe someone ran into it before and can give me some

      hints and advice.


      I have a vertical scrollable tilelist, width about 6 rows, containing custom itemrenderers.

      That far, that good. When i select, lets say the 3rd row the tilelist scrolls and shows the 3rd row as the

      first row of the visible part of the component. My Problem is that i need to prevent this auto-scrolling.


      I looked over the api and created a custom class to override some of the methodes in tileListBase,

      ListBase and ScrollControlBas, but i haven't found the right place to change this behavior without

      unwanted sideeffects. Can someone over me some insights or a solution for this problem?


      Thanks in advance!

      All the best,


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          NewFlo Level 1

          I am sr, 5 mins after posting this i had a sudden idea, that solved the problem for my case.

          I don't use the build in selection-tools of the tilelist, so i just tried to override

          the selectItem-Methode implemented in the ListBase-Class, like this


          override protected function selectItem(item:IListItemRenderer, shiftKey:Boolean, ctrlKey:Boolean, transition:Boolean = true):Boolean
               //Do nothing
               return false;


          As i said, that works for me... But i would still be interrested in a solution without losing the ability to select Items.

          Any ideas welcome!