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    Live stream using CDN




      I'm having problems with live streaming.

      When I use my own Flash Media Server at localhost it works perfect, but when I use my CDN and OSMF I get the next error message:


      Error: Connection refused by FMS.


      It works perfect if I use NetConnection and NetStream.


      This is my piece of code:

      var container:MediaContainer = new MediaContainer();
      addChildAt(container, 0);


      _mp = new MediaPlayer();
      _mp.autoRewind = false;


      var videoElementStatic:VideoElement = new VideoElement(new StreamingURLResource("rtmp://myhost/myapp/live/livestream",StreamType.LIVE_OR_RECORDED), new NetLoader());


      _mp.media = videoElementStatic;




      P.D.: My CDN is Level 3


      Any ideas?