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    Dreamwever CS5 ERROR server behavior panel cannot determine wheter "command" or "recordset (Query)"


      i get this error whenever i open pages created in CS4. ive tried deleting the cache file... deleting the entire configuration folder and letting DW re build it.. nothing... error still there. how can i turn it off? i also cant seem to find the "edit server behaviors" button.. double click? well DW freaks out with that aswell... yes i know i have some insanely hand edited code.. basically use DW as notepad replacement.. with extra features like having the option of "add recordset" then going and editing it to my liking.


      the error




      The server behavior panel cannot determine whether "command" or "recordset (Query)" is applied to your page. Please select edit Server Behaviors and change one of the two behaviors to ensure that each is uniquely identifiable.




      this is a total show stopper for me.. im going to have to go back to a previous version cant click "ok" every time i open a page.. and every time i follow a include file.


      development ASP

      Dreamweaver CS5


      Question.. how to disable the error message from popping up? i'll take my chances with hand editing the recordset / command by hand if i need it changed.