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    Exporting problems - Zoomed in, wrong aspect ratio?

    sam davies1993

      Hi, first post in this forum as I have a problem when I'm trying to render my video in Adobe Premiere pro 2.0.


      The video was shot on my Canon 550D dslr in 1920 x 1080 format and is just over 4 minutes long.




      When I go to Exportthe settings are:



      file type as: Microsoft AVI,



      frame size: 1920 h    1080 v     16:9       (I've tried a few diferent ones)


      Frame rate: 29.97


      Pixel aspect ratio:  Square Pixels (1.0)    (Tried a couple of different ones)



      Bit depth: maximum


      Fields: Deinterlace video footage


      Keyframe every 15 frames




      When the video finishes exporting I play it and it's like 50% zoomed in. I've tried asking on another forum I use (Non-video editing forum) but to no avail. I've uploaded the video to youtube so you can see what I mean:





      Any help would be really appreiciated.


      Thanks, Sam.