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    1080p to 4:3 SD

      I'm using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.


      In two weeks I'll be entering a film project that only accepts final products in 4:3 format. I don't wish to film in 4:3 as I want to keep my film for other contests so I'll be shooting 16:9 HD as I always do and then add my cinemascope bars. I'm using minidv HD and I capture directly to Premiere using Firewire capture.


      So I followed my regular procedure and edited a video on a 16:9 1080p (25p frames) timeline and exported it into a wmv. Then I imported it into a 4:3 project to redimension the video according to the specifications of that festival. Of course the image is much bigger than the Premiere 4:3 project would allow, so I changed the scale to 41,1% to try to fit it... But the quality becomes much much worse. How do I make this work? Anyone knows how?


      Then I'll need to record it to a dvd. Can I export it as a wmv (a format that I am comfortable with) and then record the dvd, or is it better to export as a mpeg2?