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    Speech Transcript Workflow Suggestions

    nathanwells Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am working on a project with two cameras (interviews).  All the footage is shot and now I am working on editing.  I would like to have a speech transcript for all the shots I keep, that way it will help me as I edit and decide where to put certain clips (I can then do it in a word processor instead of having to watch the videos over and over).  The only problem is it seems there is no easy way to have my clips nested together with multi-camera enabled and have a transcript related to each individual clip I have cut (I want to cut them out while they are nested so that the two cameras stay in sync with each other).  Rather Premiere puts the transcript for the whole shot in each of the smaller clips I have cut out of the main shot.


      The only way I have found to get a transcript for each individual clip I cut out of the main footage is to render and replace the audio (with Soundbooth), and then run the transcriptor.


      Is there an easier way?  I'm not sure if I have made the problem totally clear, but any help would be appreciated!