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    Swf Loader and changeing Frames

    djh88ukwb Level 1

      Hello all, i am loading a SWF i created using the SwfLoader component in Flex 3.


      The code i am using is as follows - <mx:SWFLoader width="627" height="468" source="swf/walk.swf" id="loader"/>


      The swf file contained 5 key frames and when you click on the the swf file, it progresses to the next frame.


      I want to be able to achieve this by using buttons instead, that way i can add a forward and previous button.



      Could anyone help me on achieving this ?


      I have tried all sorts from


              var myMovieClip:MovieClip = MovieClip(loader.content);
          myMovieClip.gotoAndStop( 2 );


      to everything i could think of.


      ANy help would be great