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    Installed CS5, now can't export from CS4! Help! "Could not read from the source..."


      I installed CS5 but completely ignored the fact plugins were required to be 64-bit. It'll be months before the plugins I require for my projects to be updated!
      So I continued editing in CS4 and when I attempted to export with the media encoder it halts instantly with an exclamation mark, the log says :
      "Could not read from the source. Please check if it has moved or been  deleted."

      And yes I'm not stupid, I did my research.

      I tried uninstalling CS4 and reinstalling. I tried the shortcut fix. I tried moving my cache files. My extensions are correct.
      Right now the only fix seems to be completely removing CS5 and CS4, After Effects just because they share files (?) and all my settings and plugins along with it! I'd rather NOT do that if I can!