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    Newbie question


      I have a nice picture I would like it to make a header. The picture is 1024px wide and I need a space without this picture in my header. I would like to cut the picture in the way of having the cutting edge like a big weave ( not strait line but more like a S tilted shaped !!! Its very common). I wonder if somebody can give me some hints on how to do this.


      Another question is a little more complex to explain. I have a picture. I would like to cut and paste it into a distorted rounded corner square - which I can do. But the next step is to add this distorted square now with my picture to yet another this time strait rounded corner square in a way to leave some space empty for some text here. Unfortunatelly if I use the same cut and paste inside I get the picture straighten up and not distorted anymore.

      Any help is very much appreciated.





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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Hi Carly,


          question 1 - Drag out a vector rectangle the size you want your header to be. With the rectangle still selected, choose Modify > Ungroup. Next, select the Pen tool and click on the bottom line of the rectyangle where you would like the s-curve to start, and drag right or left. This makes the line curve and places two Bezier points with handles you can use to adjust the shape. Once you have created the shape, paste your image into it.


          question 2 - Make sure you group the masked image (Modify > Group) before pasting it into another.