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    Can't auto advance to next page/state? Really?


      Fantastic tool but I'm creating a self running flash animation for a tradeshow display. There won't be anyone there to click on a button to go to the next page/state. Is there really no way to do this except to develop this in Flash? Can this be accomplished in Flash Builder?

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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee



          Yes, the proper way to do this is by using Flash Builder. You can use ActionScript to periodically change states / pages / anything else you might need. See http://theflashblog.com/?p=231


          If all of the transitions should happen at the same interval, you can use a variation of the following Catalyst workaround:

          http://forums.adobe.com/thread/574121?tstart=0 (see the end of the post). Note that it is resource intensive and the proper way of doing this really is to transition over to Builder.


          The workaround would look like:

          Have one video clip, shared to each page / state, with an action sequence for each page / state transition of:

          On Video Play Complete > Play Transition to Page / State 2 > If in Page / State 1


          You could toy around with using differing length movie clips for different transitions, but your project may get very very large.