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    Cleanning up Video Clips associated to several Projects at the same time.


      I just finished a FEATURE-FILM in HD. It has about 40 or more different Adobe Premier Projects;


      Now that I am all finished and that I want to clean up, I realized that I (obviously) have many video clips commonly associated  to manyAdobe Premier Projects (i.e.; one video clip could be "being used" by 17 Adobe Premier Projects; and in the other hand, some video clips are associated to none and they need to be deleted from the computers).


      So this is the thing: I need to delete 5,000 outtakes (useless-not associated video clips). However, to make sure that I am not breaking any link, I need to know that they (video clips) are, or they are not associated to my Adobe Premier Projects.


      Does Bridge indicate that a video clip is or is not associated (linked) to an Adobe Premier Project so I can massively delete them all with a click?


      Thank you in advance for your help





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Wow, that is a tough one. Other than on a Project-by-Project basis, with operations like Delete Unused (or similar syntax), and looking at the Video & Audio Usage Columns in Project Panel, not sure how best to go about this.


          As you are talking about removal of unused, not just from the Projects, but from the system, it might be a lot of work. I do not think that Bridge will have the linking info, but could be wrong, especially with later versions.


          One possibility would be to clean up each Project with operations like Delete Unused, and then use Project Manager to do an archive of the full Project with all Assets (make sure to archive Assets with Handles - just in case). Once those have all been done and are safe, then just Delete the Projects and the Assets. The ease of this will depend on the structure of your Project folder hierarchy. I always have a root folder for each Project and then sub-folders for Video, Stills, Audio, Music, SFX, and so on. Once I have used Project Manager to gather up and archive the Project to an external, I only have to Delete the Projects' root folders and it's done. Also, with the exception of Captured files from tape (I do not reuse my tapes), every Asset in those sub-folders will be just Copies, as the originals are on the NAS, or elsewhere.


          Maybe someone has a "magic bullet" that will help, and I will be interested in hearing about it.


          Good luck,



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            Barro-THX Level 1

            Thank you Bill for you answer,

            unfortunatelly I will have to used the project manager option and create new archives

            for each project. Wich will duplicate or triplicate the clips commonly used in all projects, not only video clips but music and sound effects that all come from one folder....


            Bill, you are the only person who reply to me, and i really appreciate your help. Hopefully Adobe will come up with a way to "just" label the files that have been used, at least once, so not to delet them. Is not too much to ask, I think. And is escencial for people who make features and have 60 hours of raw footage.....


            If any one has an idea, pleeeeeeese let me know.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I am surprised that others have not chimed in, as there is usually more than one workflow to solve a problem, or get a job done, and I always appreciate those other points of view. I usually learn something new myself, in that process.


              My guess is that with the release of CS5 and its delivery now, most of the regulars are busy installing and playing with the new version. Seldom does a thread go without some responses, and as this is more of a workflow thing, there should be forthcoming comments.


              If you have the time, I'd give the folk a few days (over the weekend) to get past the wrapping paper on their new toys. They should be dropping by soon.


              If I find, or think of anything useful, I'll drop back by and update the thread.


              Good luck,




              PS - I think that I am the only "kid" who did not get their CS5 - gotta' build a new box, before I do.