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    FB4 SWFs will not load from a web site

    Alan Gruskoff

      I lke to think that in the last few years I got to know Flex pretty well. Having just installed the release version of FB4, I started with a new Project and made a "Hello World" App as a "Merged Into Code" style to keep it simple. I added a " -use-network=true" compiler argument and built a Export Release Build, then copied the bin-release directory to each of two web sites where Flex 3 Apps work fine.  I made sure each site has a wide open crossdomain.xml file as:

      <site-control permitted-cross-domain-policies="all"/>
      <allow-http-request-headers-from domain="*" headers="*"/>
      <allow-access-from domain="*"/>


      I have Firefox with Flash Player 10,0,45 installed and all my other SWFs on web sites load fine.


      Nothing I know how to do gets anything to show up at all, nothing but a blank screen. No error messages, nothing in the policyfiles.txt log. This SWF just never loads other than on my local hard drive.


      I can share that web address where nothing works for me at:  http://performantsystems.com/hello/



      1) I have not yet entered a FB4 serial number, working on the 60 days demo mode.  Do the SWFs created this way just not work at all until FB4 is registered?

      2) What reasons can I look at for a SWF just not loading and running?

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          Alan Gruskoff Level 1

          Ok, since I am stuck I did a complete DE-install/Re-Install of all Flash Players and Flash Builder. Clean slate. Thats not it.



          As I have multiple web sites and bounce between Mac and Windows, it can be challenging to keep track. I had been using the Firefox FireFTP Addon to move files around as it was convenient. This was the problem.  Simple answer is FireFTP was doing something wacky (?)  to the SWF files when going from Windows to the Linux hosts.  Using the builtin Microsoft Network Places FTP client or the excellent Transmit 4 on Mac OS X both resulted in working SWF files from my web sites.



          Final Answer: the FTP client messed up the SWF file. Gotta watch that!