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    findchangeList: finding fill color

    IowaBoy9 Level 1

      I am trying to isolate some text via the findchangelist script using fill color. Here is my current attempt from the findchangeList.txt file (applescript):


      grep    {find what:".", applied font:"Frutiger", font style:"75 Black", point size:"10", fill color:swatch "C=53 M=95 Y=0 K=0"}    {change to:"$0",applied character style:"G-definition words purple"}    {include footnotes:false, include master pages:false, include hidden layers:false, whole word:false}    replace apply character style to found text.


      The script works except it ignores the fill color find properties. All Frutiger 75 Black 10 pt text gets changed instead of the just the purple text. How do I capture only the text with the C=53 M=95 Y=0 K=0 swatch applied to it?