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    Flash Catalyst Beta2 vs Flash Catalyst CS5


      Hi all,


      I'm using FC Beta2 since now the beginning, and i've just installed the new FC CS5.

      I'm just wondering what are the new features added ?

      Because i'm still looking for a new one...

      For the moment, i do not notice any "Cataclysm" or crashed from CS5...and it's a good news.

      All my previous projects are recognized pretty easily and can be run.



      I'm just a little disapointed by the fact that you still not move the Pages/States :-(

      It seems a little bit faster now...isn't it ?

      The library is still a mess...no way to organize or sort the BUT the preview is now working.

      The Code  is still not editable...

      Except the HUD and the menu bar, i don't see any major UI redesign or new concepts... so, it's good and bad news.

      Anyway, thks for your great work, please continue to improve this apps.




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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3

          Hey Karim.


          Adam Cath from the Catalyst team posted a comprehensive list of the changes here:



          This list should help clarify.

          You should post or vote on the other ideas which are important to you on the ideas site: ideas.adobe.com/flashcatalyst


          We are listening and definitely know some of these items are extremely important to our users, so we'll be working over time to get them in.

          Thanks for posting, and I'm really glad to hear you've noticed performance and stability improvements, it's definitely an area where we have focused a lot of attention between beta 2 and 1.0.


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