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    Error 1316 and 1402 FAIL


      Am posting this to help save others from the Adobe and Microsoft near-disaster I just went through this morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a solution to these two error messages and, like many of you, am wondering why after years of trouble-free Adobe Reader installations, the latest version of 9.3 simply will not install.


      If you are going to experiment with some of the changes suggested elsewhere in this forum, take heed.  BEFORE you make any changes to your computer, make sure Windows System Restore is set up and working properly (you can search for "system restore" in "Help and Support" in Windows to find it).  System Restore basically saved my a** today.


      The backstory is that I, like many others, cannot install Adobe Reader 9.3.  There are a number of suggested solutions on the Adobe Reader forum for error 1316.  They may get you further along in the Adobe Reader 9.3 installation process, but then you may hit "error 1402".


      Here is what I did and here is what happened (running Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit on a PC with capacity and memory to spare):


      1. Saved the Adobe Reader 9.3 installation file to my desktop so that I could run it locally.

      2. Uninstalled the prior version of Adobe Reader using the Control Panel.

      3. Rebooted.

      4. Deactivated my antivirus software.

      5. Closed all Windows apps.

      6. Ran the Adobe Reader 9.3 installation setup and got Error 1316: "A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file ...AppData\Local\Adobe\Reader9.3\SetupFiles\AdbeRdr930_en_us.msi."

      7. Based on advice found on this forum I used the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility - WARNING - DO NOT USE THIS WITH Office 2007 installed on your PC (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301). The advice on this forum didn't mention Microsoft's warning on this and I didn't know.  So even though I only checked the box for Adobe Reader, it totally messed up Office 2007.  When I tried to open Outlook 2007, it wanted to reinstall Office 2007, and then it said I didn't have correct permissions to do the reinstall (but I had administrative privileges enabled...wtf?)

      8. Ironically, using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility got me further along in the Adobe 9.3 installation process, but then I hit Error 1402: "Could not open key \Unknown\Components\C37BC61A283[continues for many more characters]. Verify that you have sufficient resources to access that key." Cannot get past this error.

      9. Uninstalled the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and rolled the OS back four days to a point where Outlook would launch without problems.

      10. Reactivated the antivirus software.


      This whole mess has wasted hours of time and I still can't install the newest version of Adobe 9.3.  There are lots of postings about these two error codes so it appears to be a common issue - does Adobe read these forums? Instead of asking their customers to fix the problem, how about they fix it? (Yes, Adobe Reader is free, but I purchased Photoshop Elements so would consider myself an Adobe customer).


      Sorry for the rant.