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    Combo Box set selection does not appear


      I have read several posting on this site and others.  I can't seem to find the right solution to get my combo box to work.  I am publishing for Flash player 10 and AS 2.  The final file will be imported into a Articulate/PPT file.


      I am simulating a form that my audience needs to fill out.  For 2 text fields, I am using a combo box to allow them to select the proper input.  If they leave the form screen, I need to save their answers so they do not have to start from the beginning.  I am using global variables.


      My problem occurs, when I try to populate the combo box using the audience's previously selected response.  I have tried using setSelectedIndex.  It works to the extent that the choice indicated highlights in the combo box, but the actual selection is not appearing in the text area.  Do I need to set Combobox.text = selection?