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    Single Quote displaying as ’


      Using  RH7.02

      When I put a Single Quote character sometimes it shows as ’ in our website, can't find a consistent reason for it, like IE version etc.  Sometimes it just works and sometimes it doesn't. Same thing with Double Quotes.  So I went to the HTML view and edited the single and double quote and entered

      " for double quote    (")

      &#39 for single quote    (')


      When I change to Design view they both look fine, but when I switch back to HTML view  the &quot is still there, but the &#39 has changed back to a single quote  (').


      Either I need the single quote character always read correctly by browsers OR I need to find a way for my HTML Number to stick in Robo and not translated to a single quote.


      I've searched all forums and surprisingly coiuldn't find where anyone else has had this issue.  Please Help!