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    No Audio when exporting to tape

    Timpson13 Level 1

      Looking for a little help please.

      I have a project that I have done in PPro CS4.  When I play the sequence video and audio levels are all good.

      Then when I do an export to tape to my HVR-M25U  HDV/DV Sony Digital Videocassestte Recorder and check the tape I have video, but no audio.

      My computer is connected by an i.link/firewire cable, My pioneer mixer shows audio levels.  But when my input select on my deck is on HDV/DV, I get video, but no audio.  When I put the input select to video, I get audio and no video.

      I have tried everything and nothing work and this project has to be on tape.


      Any help on this situation will be greatly appreciated.