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    Trial Version Serial Number?

      I am trying to install a trial version of Captivate 3 onto my computer, but it is asking for a serial number which I never received. I keep calling tech support, but they keep disconnecting me.


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          CatBandit Level 3

          I don't think the trial version requires a serial number. If you are being asked for one, you may be trying to open Captivate as a licensee (full "paid for" version). On the splash screen where you are trying to enter a serial number, there should be a 2nd option. That option should say something to the effect that you want to use the product on a 30 day trial.

          For your information, I don't believe that Tech Support is available to "trial version" users. That may be why they are "disconnecting" you.

          Welcome to the Captivate Users Community. We don't require a serial number to help you out.
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            We received the same request when we tried to install the trial on a Windows 2000 machine. The website then told us the trial; version does not support windows 2000. This might be what is happening to you.
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Good point, "rolltide". How about it, " rblegg", what version is your Windows OS? Was "rolltide's" suggestion helpful??