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    URLLoader load and onComplete handler

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      I just have a question regarding URLLoader. I have 3 handlers set up for this object - one for its COMPLETE event, one for its SECURITY_ERROR event and one for its IO_ERROR event. I have one URLLoader and there are cases where I invoke its load() method multiple times, before my COMPLETE handler is called from the first load. When it does, it seems like it is 'completing' from the second load() call and leaving the first unhandled. Does the second load somehow cancel out the first one? Note that the error handlers never get called, so it seems like the Flash Player just aborts the first load or something.


      This behaviour is actually good for my application because that intermediate load is outdated anyway, so I want disregard it. I have a mechanism in place to do so, but it seems that Flash Player is taking care of that for me. But, I want to make sure I understand it better so as that there are no side effects.


      If anyone can shed more light on this it would be appreciated.