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    How to start installation after download


      I recently downloaded the following files of Production Premium CS5 (shown here in alphabetical order):


      • AdobeCS4InternationalEnglishSpeechAnalysisModels.exe
      • AfterEffects_10_Content_LS7.7z
      • AfterEffects_10_Content_LS7.exe
      • AfterEffects_PremierePro_CS4_ALL.7z
      • AfterEffects_PremierePro_CS4_ALL.exe
      • Illustrator_15_Content_LS1.exe
      • Install_Instruct_AE_PP_CS4.pdf
      • Install_Instructions.pdf
      • PremierePro_5_Content_LS7.7z
      • PremierePro_5_Content_LS7.exe
      • ProductionPremium_CS5_LS7.7z
      • ProductionPremium_CS5_LS7.exe
      • ProductionPremium_MasterCollection_CS5_Content_ALL.exe
      • SpeechAnalysisModelsInternationalEnglish_2_LS7.exe


      The installation instruction says to start the installation by double-clicking setup.exe, but there is no such file.


      1. What file should I double-click to start installation?
      2. What is the right order to install the files above?


      I have 32-bit Windows 7 and need to install Premiere as well!

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          Petаr Adobe Employee

          Hello -


          Apologies for the confusing experience! To get started with your Production Premium you need to run:




          Please make sure that file is in the same directory as ProductionPremium_CS5_LS7.7z.


          This will extract your download and start the installation of Product Premium CS5.


          The other files are additional content and templates and can be installed one at a time. Where you have the same file names and .exe and .7z, just run the .exe and the installation of that component (AfterEffects_10_Content, PremierePro_5_Content, etc. will start).