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    Changes from Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 to Flash Builder 4 Premium


      I have a Flex app that started in Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 and when the beta expired, we bought Flash Builder 4 Premium.


      Before, when programmatically changing the selected index of a Spark DropDownList, the change handler was called, so in cases where I didn't want that to happen, I had to remove the event listener and add it again after a small setTimeout.

      In the new version, it seems that when I change the selected index programmatically, the change handler is not called, so if I want it to be called, I have to call it manually, which is also fine. I just want to confirm that this different behavior was an actual change that was made and isn't caused by some kind of other change I made to my code.


      Is there a list of feature changes from the beta to the release version? Thanks!