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    www.chatroulette-clone.com claims: "instant connections over Stratus"?!


      Is there any credibility in the following claim of the people at www.chatroulette-clone.com:


      "CRC is the only script capable of instant connections (no delay) over Stratus"


      I came across this site, as a fellow developer sent me a link...


      I have written a Stratus application myself, and I have noticed that it may take up to several seconds before the peers are successfully connected.

      I know the API quite well now. Because of the above claim, I am somewhat intrigued that there may be a method to eliminate any such delay I am experiencing.


      Or are they just boasting of something completely unrelated? Or maybe just empty words? What do they mean by "instant connections (no delay)"?


      It's not like the API is any complicated either.

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          Hello AmnISaid,

          we finaly achieved instant connections over Stratus, test it yourself by using two different browsers (or different PCs/different locations) and connecting over http://www.jabbercam.com/Stratus/


          The connection is instant (no delay). The test will work only if you are two or 50+ users online and the reason is: http://www.chatroulettemarket.com/forum/THREAD-Delays-while-connecting-over-Stratus


          Othervise, connecting is instant. Let's say you are creating a user-to-user chat that doesn't involve onthers "NEXTING" you (or disconecting in the same moment you're trying to connect) and the connection will be instant. Now (version 3.x), we are fine tuning the filters (and introducing username search) so you can see instant conections no matter the number of users.


          What we saw in other software before, the concept of how to establish a connection wasn't well designed. We tried to fix it for weeks until our lead programmer came with a new idea and rewrote the whole thing. The second try did deliver instant connections meaning that Stratus is a lot faster than before.

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            amn Level 1

            I am sorry, but I believe this i no place for advertising your solutions, although I am grateful for the little information you gave. My question was about HOW this is done, and whether Stratus plays any role in this. Stratus API (the DOCUMENTED one at least) is so simple, I was wondering what exactly "instant connections" means? Everybody has a Stratus key, and everybody does the same thing. Is there something chatroulette-clone.com does that is not documented by Adobe? Or maybe it is about how you discover the peer IDs, maybe that is what was delaying the connection - an inefficient discovery/randezvouz method? Then you can say it's not the Stratus that was slow, but the fact that you use database as a meeting place for peer IDs.

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              there are no ActionScript APIs beyond the documented ones for making 1:1 direct NetStreams.  in addition, RTMFP and the Stratus servers try as hard as possible to bring up direct connections as quickly as possible.