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    Problem with my header


      I have a website setup and running for at least a year.  We just changed to a dedicated server and for some reason I am experiencing trouble with the header image of the general web.  When I load the page the header is now loading behind the flash window and then on a second hit of the enter key will load to the top where it should be.  This site has been up and running for almost a year, can't figure why the problem now.  But need to know what I need to look at. The flash content has been there since the beginning too.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      I have a copy at http://www.nepa-alliance.org/index2.htm


      Would appreciate any guidance.  One more thing if I may. I ran it through the w3c validator and got a terrific amount of errors for the code "<", "&", "> in the various scripts in the head.  It recommends replacing it with the "&lt" , &amp; but won't this screw up the script.


      Thanks for any help.