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    Monitor setup for Premier CS5?


      I will be building a stand alone system for Premiere CS5 to edit HDV tape. I'm a graphic designer by trade and video editing is completely new to me. In addition to building a monster system I'm not sure what to do for monitors. Is it pretty standard to run a dual monitor setup in Premiere as it is with most adobe programs since you can put all your pallets on the 2nd monitor? What size monitors are a standard for premiere? Our IT department tried to get us to use 16x9 format monitors (only 11" tall) on our CS4 systems and they were worthless since only the highest setting kept things in proper perspective and then you couldn't read anything on the screen. So, I'm still using CRT monitors. Also, would it be a wise decision to get a HDTV to hook up to the computer for viewing purposes. I work for a large commercial development company and we will be brodcasting this video to about 12 large HDTVs through out our headquarters. Any advice on monitors would be greatly appreciated.