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    Need help linking from static page to db record

    tharring Level 1

      I'm having trouble linking from an ordinary <a href="description.cfm?recordid=A51">Select</a> link to an action page with an SQL query of


      select * from classes where recordid="....." I don't know what to put in here.


      I've tried '#rsClasses.recordid#' but that just gives me the first record in the database. What I want to bring in is the A25 that I've identified in the link. I have about 30 links I'd like to identify myself rather than do a database search for them. In an order version of Dreamweaver I was able to make that static link connection using a parameter like: <cfparam name="rsOperas_TM_progid" default="#progid#"> with a query of <cfquery name="rsOperas" datasource="#MM-cnOne_DSN#"> SELECT * from operas WHERE progid = #rsOperas_TM_progid# </cfquery> Everything worked fine then but I can't get it to work with my new page. What should I be putting in my original select statement? I can't just use URL.recordid because I don't want to do a search. I want to link directly.