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    Creating Faux Loader for State to State Transition - HELP.


      Good day everyone.


      I need help making a loader that will be in between states.


      I have a file that has multiple embedded Custom Components in order to circumvent the 20 page limit. Since one of the components has a large number of states within it it takes some time in order to get into the state. Let me illustrate. The project is a world map with specific regions (US, Latin America, etc). which are then separated into specific countries/states/provinces. An example flow is diagramed here:



           >US BUTTON

                >US COMPONENT

                     >RHODE ISLAND


                     >NORTH DAKOTA, ETC...


                >LA COMPONENT


                     >CHILE, ETC...

           >EUROPE, AFRICA, ETC...


      Now what is happening is when I render out the SWF since there are so many STATES (15) in the US component it takes approximately 12 seconds to load that portion of the SWF over the WEB.


      Is there anyway I can get a loader to appear while it is loading the larger Custom Components?

      I do not have access to Flash Builder or a developer with FB so that option is out.


      I tried creating a faux/fake loader in the US button that was similar to the default loader that FC creates but I've seem to run into a few problems.


      First, is there anyway to a sequence play before a transition begins/ends? I attempted to do this by creating ANOTHER custom component that would have an action sequence but for some reason that did not work. It was expecting a MOUSE EVENT which was not possible since it the mouse event already happened.


      I'm at a loss here for how I can complete this.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated and if I need clarify further, please do not hesitate to contact me.


      Thanks in advance for any help.