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    Mary_Alice Level 1
      I am using Flash Professional 8. I am creating a website for a company that requires a form. I need to have a simple actionscript so the form information will come to main email address. First, I need to test it, so for testing (to see if it works) I want it to come to my email: art.design@comcast.net.

      First I created a light colored background to the form and made it a Movie Clip and gave instance name: form_mc.

      Next, I created the following via Input Text (not from components) and gave no instance name but gave a variable name to each; for example: name/business and so on.


      Then, I created check boxes for the following but gave no variable name to each.
      Add to email list: (box) Yes (box) No
      (box) Free Water Analysis (box) Free Well Water Analysis
      (box) Home Water Treatment System (box) Bottleless Cooler Pricing & Installation
      (box) Commercial Sizing & Quotations (box) System Assessment/Service Assessment

      Coments and created a simple text box next to the word 'Comments' - (Input Text and not from components) and gave variable name 'Comments'.

      Next placed a Flash Components Button for SUBMIT (gave instance name SUBMIT_btn) and a Flash Components Button for
      RESET (gave instance name reset_btn.

      NOW, I AM STUCK. I am not sure of the Actionscript to place. And how many Actionscripts????

      And when I place the Actionscript, do I select all of the form including the Input Text Boxes (Input Text and not from the components) and the Checkboxes (components)?
      Do I place the Actionscript in the Submit Button Actions area????? AND WHAT ACTIONSCRIPT SHOULD I PLACE THERE?
      I want the form after someone has clicked on SUBMIT to go to a Thank You page.

      ALSO, what do I do with the RESET button...Is that another Actionscript???? Or, is all taken care of with ONE ACTIONSCRIPT in the SUBMIT button?

      Hope someone can assist me with the ACTIONSCRIPT and where it should be placed.

      I look forward to your response. Please send to my email address. Thanks.

      Mary Alice
      art.design@comcast.net (adelphia is now known as COMCAST)
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          what's going to handle parsing the email? the user's default email program? if so, use getURL.

          or a server-side file like php or perl etc. if so, use loadvars to send variables/values to your email program.