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    fading content with spry tabbed panel

    behrski Level 1



      I am using one of Dreamweaver's Spry Widgets (spry tabbed panel) to make 5 clickable tabs that each provide content. I can't figure out how to have this content fade in and out as you click from tab to tab. If tab 1 is clicked and it's content is displayed, and then you click tab 2... I want tab 1 content to fade out, then tab 2 content to fade in. Etc.


      Does anyone have a good way of doing this? I have played with Behavior Effects and can make my content fade in and out if you actually click in the content paragraph, but I can't find a way to get this fading affect to occur based on clicking the tabs and not the content itself. There has to be an easy way! Here's my link:




      Please help!


      thanks in advance