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    .mov to flash banner ad via media encoder, size issues


      Looking for some compression feedback, as I cannot get the results dialed in thru Adobe Media Encoder CS4.

      Creating a flash banner ad, 11 seconds total, with 5 seconds of video from final cut. The size of the exported .mov is 784 KB, and I still have to hit a target of less than 60KB (yikes) on the final FLV export for the ad specs. Anyone had any luck here in these type of productions? When I convert to FLV (heavily compressed) and import into timeline of flash as embedded file, keeps increasing in size, hovering just below the 1MB mark. Without the video, the flash ad is at 20KB, so I really only have 40KB to work with.


      When I open the FCP .MOV in Quicktime Pro and "export for web," I see a small file size of 4KB, could it really be that compressed?

      But when I bring that 4KB file into Media Encoder, it goes over the 60KB limit.


      Also, should note that final ad needs to be Flash 7 friendly...


      Your input is appreciated.