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    Do Flex Builder 4 Apps work from web sites?

    Alan Gruskoff

      I cant believe I have to ask this obvious question, but nothing is working for me.


      I spent a lot of time with Flex 3 with good results.


      Now trying Flex 4, I cannot get the simplest Hello World app to run from a web site, though it runs locally.  All I get is a blank screen!!  Other SWF files from Flex 3 run fine. Using latest Flash Player (10,0,45,2)  in latest Firefox both on Windows XP and Mac OS X. None of this works at all logs anything in my policyfiles.txt logging file.


      I am using the un-registered 60 days trial.  Do only the registered versions of Flex Builder 4 create web site runnable SWF files?

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          David_F57 Level 5



          Your problem is most likely to be the swf is being compiled with runtime shared libraries. So when you upload the swf you also need to upload the libraries as well(with flex 3 the default compile option was to merge the sdk into the one swf). IF you just want the single swf you can go into your project options and change the compile option to merge into code.



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            Alan Gruskoff Level 1

            Ah, would that it were true. Thanks for the try David.


            In the start of the many days I spent trying to get the simplest Flex Builder 4 App to come up on a web site, the first thing I did was make the compiler Library Path / Merged Into Code, so that it would be just one SWF file to deal with.  So thats not it.  The compiler args have " -use-network=true" though I understand that a default.


            Still, the simplest Flex Builder 4 App will not function on a web site, with no errors or mesages or policyfiles.txt  entries why not. Major frustration.

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              Ansury Level 3

              I've seen this before (a few times) but of course I can never remember what seemed to cause the problem or how to fix it.


              I feel like the solution may be to uninstall all copies of the Flash player that may be installed and to reinstall the latest.  Perhaps something went wrong when FB4 tried to upgrade your player, although, it's concerning that you're seeing this on two different OSes... so maybe it's something else.


              It has nothing to do with trial versions (or, at least the trial version is not crippled like this).

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                Alan Gruskoff Level 1

                Ok, since I am stuck I did a complete DE-install/Re-Install of all Flash Players and Flash Builder. Clean slate. Thats not it.


                As I have multiple web sites and bounce between Mac and Windows, it can be challenging to keep track. I had been using the Firefox FireFTP Addon to move files around from Windows as it was convenient. This was the problem.  Simple answer is FireFTP was doing something wacky (?)  to the SWF files when going from Windows to the Linux hosts.  Using the builtin Microsoft Network Places FTP client or the excellent Transmit 4 on Mac OS X both resulted in working SWF files from my web sites.

                Final Answer: the FTP client messed up the SWF file. Gotta watch that!

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                  Ansury Level 3

                  Heh.  What jumps to mind is little-endian vs big-endian.... or transmission in ascii mode rather than binary (less likely I'd think)...dunno.  Good that you figured out the problem though, I didn't even imagine an FTP client being involved (I deploy completely differently).