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    Video screen capture to DVD - best practices


      Hi everyone,


      I would like to capture audio & video from my computer (video screen capture) to produce instructional videos for customers. I've tried a few video screen capture programs and found that ACA Capture Pro works fairley well.


      Here are my issues. I capture my screen and import the .AVI file(s) into Premiere Pro CS5. I drop them on a timeline and use Dynamic link to send them to Encore CS5 for DVD production. I get good resolution until I burn to DVD. When I playback the DVD the video is not as clear. I tried bypassing Premiere and importing the .AVI files directly into Encore, but the videos would always shake. So, I discovered using Premiere first would eliminate the shaking. I only need to retain good video quality after burning to DVD.


      Could someone make recommendations on a good Video Screen Capture software package that plays well with Premiere and Encore? I don't think the capture program is my problem, but if someone has good experience with another package, I'd like to hear about it. Most importantly, what things should I be paying attention as I move the .AVI footage from Premiere to Encore to DVD?


      I have Master Collection CS5, so if there is a program inside the suite that would eliminate the additional, third-party screen capture program, that information would be very helpful, as well.