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    Artifacts in External SWF

      i have created one player interface(application) in flash 8. i use that app to play some recorded videos(swf files) one by one. that mean i load external swf in my main swf.

      we have recorded those videos using camtasia studio 4(third party software).

      now if we play that swf file individual in flash player then it plays fine. but when we play that swf files in my app (main swf) then in child swf( recorded video) there are cursor as well as mouse movement artifacts.

      and there is no problem with that third party software as that software produce one html file in which the output swf is embeded and when i open that html file then no artifacts.

      the framerates of parent and child swfs are same 12fps.

      i used moviecliploader class to load external swf in movieclip.

      i also used loadmovie method and loader component , but both give me artifacts.

      is there any settings regarding movieclip or else?

      i have set the _quality property of movieclip but no effect for that.

      please help me.
      why this is so?