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    HTTP Progressive Download or HTTPStreamingNetLoader


      I have a  video is returning true for getTrait(MediaTraitType.SEEK) but false for canSeekTo(sharedCurrentTime).


      Must this mean that I am using "HTTP Progressive Download' - please correct me if I am wrong.


      If I have a HTTP video that I want to 'seek' to any part of ( once the seek trait is true ) then I should

      be using HTTPStreamingNetLoader? Am I right on that last point - I know its a 10.1 feature only.



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          bringrags Level 4

          The canSeekTo method can return false (even when the SeekTrait is present) if the value passed-in is for a portion of the video which can't be played yet, e.g. if you tried to seek to part of a progressive video that hadn't downloaded yet.  It's unlikely you'd be using HTTP streaming without knowing about it, since you'd need to be in the Zeri prerelease program and working with an HTTP streaming server (or CDN).

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