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    DEP Print Crash (Reader 9.3.2) - Help please?


      Help please anyone?


      Window DEP (Deta Execution Protection) stops me printing pdfs and the print crashes.


      If I tick/check DEP to allow me to use Reader 9 that makes NO difference even though it says if should.

      I'm using Reader 9.3.2 - not an earlier version - and the print crash happens either in Reader, using it alone, or when I open a pdf in IE or Firefox.

      I am running XP SP3, recently updated from SP2   (there maybe a connecton - was it the XP3 update which did it?)


      This is very frustrating. I don't want to abandon Adobe Reader and use a different company's  program but I have wasted hours so far tring to find a fix for this.


      Incidentally fiddling with Javascript [Reader>Edit>Preferences>Untick Enable Acrobat JavaScript] which is one recommended fix whichdoesn't work.


      Maybe there any other files I can get DEP to ignore? (NB they all have to be .exe files so be sure to tell me where to find them!)


      All advice gratefully received. I am SOooo fed up with this.