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    DW CS5, preferences Save function

    mari8899 Level 1

      I change Preferences a lot so it fits my need, like for example code coloring.

      And now when you install new DW or reinstall for some reason you have do this all over again. Why there isn't simple function like Save preferences so I can just load/important that and solve all problems.


      Wouldn't this function be very helpful to everyone ?

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          Here, here! I'm looking thru this forum precisely for this reason, not wanting to have to spend an entire afternoon plus having to update my preferences for code coloring, key shortcuts, tag libraries, default documents and etc.  I'm hesitant to do anything that mucks around with the config files because I know the pain that is caused if things go awry there. But seriously, setting these preferences are an inherent part of pumping up my efficiency, seems a waste to have to continually redo these chores whenever there's a corrupted cache file or a version update. Be great if someone would answer mari's question!