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    PE7 - startup crash - Importeravi.prm

    Admit One

      I have been using this program for many months now and then yesterday all of a sudden it failed to start.  It would get as far as the initial screen where I selected "new project" and then chug along and got as far as drawing the workspace area (video window, timeline, etc) then boom.  Since I have Visual Studio on my machine, it popped up the Just-In-Time debugger window so I entered the debugger, and at the top of the call stack is importeravi.prm, and the crash error happened during a heapfree with return 0xc0000008.  Ug-ly.


      After several tries at getting things going, I removed PE7, did a clean reinstall and *still* got the same problem.  This was looking really bad.  I said what the heck and just renamed importeravi.prm to see what would happen, after which the app came up w/o problem.  I did a little work as a test, created a DVD and burned it to folder, and thought okay I can do some stuff at least.


      Next thing was to reproduce crash data to send to Adobe Tech Support.  So I restored the offending file and started up PE7, with the intent of capturing detailed crash info.  Well, now PE7 is coming up just fine, as far as I can tell!


      I don't know how good I should be feeling.  Any ideas?





      System info:

      XP SP3 with all updates

      Gigabyte EP45-UDR3

      2 GB memory

      NVIDIA graphics (EVGA 9800GT, 512 mb) driver

      Lots and lots of disk space (over 1 TB free)

      ... what am I leaving out here ...

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It could be something as simple as an outdated version in Quicktime or a buggy nVidia driver. It's hard to say.


          But glad to hear you've got it running again anyway?

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            I believe I'm having the same issue.

            Does a window pop up stating something along the lines of "A serious issue has occured and premiere must close" and then clicking 'ok' closes the program?

            Can you walk me through the process of renaming so I can give it a try?


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              While I cannot vouch for Ed's method, if one wished to Rename the file, they would use Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), and navigate to that file. Then, Rt-click on it and choose Rename from the drop-down list of operations. This will highlight the entire name. Click at the end. and just add ".OLD" to the end of the file, after the .prm, to yield .prm.OLD. Exit from Windows Explorer and launch PrE - test extensively.


              If you need to change this back, repeat the above, and just remove the .OLD.


              Good luck,



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                Admit One Level 1

                The file I renamed was located under


                C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0\Plug-ins\en_US\ImporterAVI.prm


                You can rename it using windows explorer or via a DOS window.  Bill explains the method in a previous post.


                As I mentioned, I renamed it, then PE came up fine, then I named it back to the original, and even though I thought it would crash again, it came up fine.


                I can't say it is without risks, or that there won't be side effects.  I also cannot explain why it got me back going again.


                I might add that the only way I knew what file was the offender was because when PE crashed, it automatically caused the debugger to come up, and I saw that file at the top of the call stack.  I am a software developer, so my machines tend to be replete with lots of utilities I use as a programmer.  I don't know how I might have found it if I had a more or less clean system.  I probably would have seen some sort of error like you describe.


                Good Luck,


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                  John A Mathias

                  Hi Guys

                  Got here by searching for solution to a problem that's recently arisen with PE7 as it sounds very similar. I am running Win 7 Ultimate with 4GB RAM and Intel quad processor, but in the last day or two I've had the dreaded "Windows has encountered an unexpected problem and will close the application" message. Reading the windows error log, I think the offending plug-in is ImporterAVI.prm. If I were to take Ed's advice and re-name this plug-in, what will or won't work; in other words what does it do and can I live without it?

                  I have every hope that one of you will advise me, yours John Mathias

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    That element is important to PrE, as AVI is the main format (and the DV CODEC, the main CODEC) for PrE.


                    I would start with this ARTICLE and the tips included.


                    If nothing there works, then I would do a Repair Install * to see if the installer can repair that PRM module.


                    Good luck,




                    * Most Adobe programs have a Repair Install function, but I cannot remember if PrE does. If not, then I would do an uninstall and reinstall. Neither process should affect any Projects, or Assets.

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                      John A Mathias Level 1

                      Thanks, as ever, Bill. I'll follow your suggestions, and let you know how I get on. John