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    PPre8 Delete and Clear function problem.

    Anthony Abegglen Level 1

      I was ask to help a customer today that bought PPre8 from me, as follows what happens, I put a piece of footage on the timeline, I cut a section I want to remove and then press delete and the footage moves together and jion up with each other to make one clip , but I do not want this to happen, I want a blank area left between the two clips.


      I found if you right click on the footage that was cut and select "clear"  the footage does not move and stays in place. If you go to the keyboard setup and look for  the key that is needed to do this , it is the detele key on the keyboard , but when you press the "delete" key the  footage moves up against each other. If i had to do this in PPro it would not happen and footage would stay where it was.


      Imagine if you had done a full edit and want to do a delete and remove abit of  footage it would mess the edit as all footage would be moved nothing  would be alined to the edit. 


      Is this a bug,