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    Compressing movie for the web

    sami90210 Level 1

      Hello All!


      Im fairly new to director but have lots of experience with flash. Hope it will become handy


      I have eLearning movie that I plan to distribute over the internet but the published dcr is 22mb which is not ideal for preloading. I guess that I need to optimize all the images and audio files inside the movie. My target file size is about 3 to 5mb.


      I have some questions, ill be glad to get some inputs


      1. as I understand I can compress individual images using director or using external editor (like fireworks). Which way is the preferred one?
      2. Since I have hundreds of images to optimize I wonder if there is any script or xtra that knows to batch the compression task?
      3. Regarding to audio compression. Can I use external editor? Or I must delete the audio files and re-import them as mp4?


      Im using director 11.5 on mac.


      Thanks a lot