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    CS3/AS2 - Industrial Strength Autorun?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -


      I know you are out there!  The person who knows how to put together a bullet proof Autorun that will work on any Windows system. I've been playing around with "[autorun] OPEN=OpenMe.exe" and with "Bin" folders and "Shell" scripts for days.  Why doesn't anything work?  All I want to do it to open "START.exe".


      If I double-click on START.exe in the list of disc files - it works completely.  How do I get Windows to do the double clicking for me??


      When my boss brings in a DVD from some competing firm - their Flash presentation opens up like a champ - full of flvs and such.


      I know it can be done.  What am I missing?


      Do I have to re-write or re-structure my project?  (I don't believe I should.)

      Does it matter what burning software I use?  (I don't believe it does.)

      Is DVD different from CD as far as autorun is concerned?  (I don't believe it does.  As long as the player exists on the system.)


      Can someone please tell me if I have any of those assumptions incorrect?

      Better yet - can someone lay out the full poop on how this is autorun thing is done??


      TIA some direction