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    Problems with Element.depth and Element.x/Element.y

    CannotCompute Level 1

      Basically my issue is this --


      I wanted to use depth as a tool to bring something to the front -- which it does properly.


      But then if I drag that element around on the screen, and checks its x and y values, the elements x and y do not change, but the element will move on the screen without any problems.


      ** A side note -- I can manual set the x and y values of the element and it will move on the screen at any depth level I set.**



      If I drag the same element, but keep the depth at a default of 0, x and y properties change to represent the element's corresponding location with a problem.


      I am not saying it is a bug, but maybe I don't quite understand how to use the depth property properly.


      If someone could point me in the right direction that would be great.


      Thanks in Advance!