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    Cryptic AE CS5 startup error


      Here's the error


      After Effects warning: An error was encountered attempting to initialize ScriptUI. {Initialization error ''

      - Initialization error 'ApplicationEnvironment::scriptUIFlexSWFPath is not a valid pathname'}


      Comes up when launching the app. the startup splash screen says "Cleaning Up Scripting" when it happens. I can click OK on the error message dialogue box and it'll let me in to the app and is fully useable.


      I've tried repairing permissions and restarting, which fixes it for the first time it's relaunched, but then comes back. I've tried reinstalling the OS clean and reinstalling AE but the same thing happens. I've even tried installing on another machine with the same problem.


      I'm on MAC OSX 10.6.3 with all updates applied.


      Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          AE CS5 now supports Flash panels for scripting like Photoshop etc. already did in CS4. Error messages along those lines would indicate that either a shared component is not installed properly or that security settings prevent execution of FLash content. Hard to tell. You should simply consider reinstalling AE CS5.



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            Josh mehler

            Was wondering if re-installing was the only solution to this?  I'm having the same issue.


            Hardware Overview:


              Model Name:    Mac Pro
              Model Identifier:    MacPro2,1
              Processor Name:    Quad-Core Intel Xeon
              Processor Speed:    3 GHz




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              Josh mehler Level 1

              Okay, I uninstalled and reinstalled, and am still getting the error.  I'm going to assume it's nothing serious, but it's ANNOYING and makes me feel like AE is broken...

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                I have just installed After effects CS5 and I get the same message. Anyone dicovered why yet, any luck?






                OSX 10.6.3
                Model Identifier:    MacPro3,1
                  Processor Name:    Quad-Core Intel Xeon
                  Processor Speed:    2.8 GHz

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                  thegator1111 Level 1

                  I agree that it is incredibly annoying considering how easy it is to fix.


                  The problem, at least in Mac OSX, is a permissions problem for a folder of scripts AE tries to access while starting up. I can't remember which one exactly, and you need root access to fix the specific folder.


                  The easy way is to download and run something like Onyx ( a system repair utility ) and run the Permissions tool in the Maintenance tab. Be sure to have it run in All Accounts in the apps preferences. No need to restart either.


                  One thing to note: installing plugins or modifying currently installed plugins sometimes make the error return. But you can just Onyx again and it goes away.


                  Hope this helps.


                  I hope someone from Adobe is reading this. When this error pops up on a clean install of Mac OSX Snow Leopard with all updates applied, you have a problem. Please fix it.

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                    Josh mehler Level 1

                    Tried the Onyx thing, and tried using my Install disc to repair my disk and permissions.  No luck, but always good to go through that exercise periodically to make sure the OS is optimized.  I've been using AE CS5 for awhile now, and have run into no work stopping errors (in fact I'm LOVING the speed bump the new version gives me ), but it would be a nice perceived value to not start the experience without an error pop-up.  I'm sure Adobe will sort it.

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                      Has anyone found a fix for this.  It comes and goes in my environment.  I am installing Master Collection and I get the same error message on some installs and not on others.  Clean install of AE sometimes gives me this error as well.  I had a working bootable HD with AE working no error.  Now it has suddenly stopped working and is getting this mysterious error.  I could really use some help on this.  System Profiler:


                      10.6.4  All Updates.


                      Also running Final Cut Studio 3 with all updates.


                        Model Name: Mac Pro

                        Model Identifier: MacPro5,1

                        Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon

                        Processor Speed: 2.93 GHz

                        Number Of Processors: 2

                        Total Number Of Cores: 12

                        L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB

                        L3 Cache (per processor): 12 MB

                        Memory: 32 GB

                        Processor Interconnect Speed: 6.4 GT/s

                        Boot ROM Version: MP51.007F.B00

                        SMC Version (system): 1.39f11

                        SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f11

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                        Josh mehler Level 1

                        Nope.  No fix yet.  I still get the error every time I start up.  Hasn't seemed to affect operation.

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                          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                          Have you installed the After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update? That update fixes some problems related to ScriptUI.

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                            dmorrison@insp.com Level 1

                            Yes, I the install is updated with all available updates via the Update option in Help.  Now the craziest thing has happened.  I went home for the weekend, came back to work today, and the AE CS5 starts up with 0 errors or warning.  sigh... im glad but confused.  i didn't do anything to it.

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                              Yan Abud

                              I have the same problem on installation.  I reinstalled everything, checked the permissions, but to no avail...


                              Are there any updates on this problem?

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                                dmorrison@insp.com Level 1

                                After much testing.  I got that error only when I was booting from an external firewire 800 drive.  It appears to go away once I used SuperDuper to copy the bootable external to my internal drive and booted from the internal.

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                                  Josh mehler Level 1

                                  Hmmm.  I'm still getting it, and I've had it on my internal drive the whole time.  At this point, I think it's WAY at the bottom of Adobe's fix list, becuase it's simply annoying, rather than critical.  I kind of think of it like a cosmic reminder that all things are perfect in their imperfections.  Alas.

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                                    thegator1111 Level 1

                                    I still get the warning intermittently. No permanent fix. You'd think the least Adobe could do is get it's directory permissions right.


                                    Since I started this thread I've switched to Nuke. Faster. Lighter. No cryptic errors. And it doesn't constantly crash ( if ever ). CS5 feels like it crashes far more often than any previous version. I'm tired of it taking my whole system down when it decides not to work.

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                                      Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

                                      For anyone encountering this error, I'm assuming it's occurring when launching AE CS5, not when installing (as some posts have mentioned), correct?


                                      If so, can you confirm that the Adobe After Effects CS5.app's Contents/Required folder contains these two files:




                                      (To find this folder, right-click the Adobe After Effects CS5.app, choose Show Package Contents, then navigate to Contents/Requires subfolder.)


                                      The .xml file should be about 537 bytes, and the .swf about 509,877 bytes in CS5 (10.0) or 513,089 bytes in CS5 (10.0.2).


                                      As for permissions, they should be Read & Write for the system, and Read only for admin and everyone. (-rw-r--r-- if viewing in Terminal)


                                      Is the OS showing the .swf file as being associated with a particular application? If so, which one?


                                      Also, does the error occur each time AE launches (i.e., consistently) or intermittently? If intermittently, is the machine doing something in the background (Spotlight, backup, some other scan of files, or other apps doing some rendering)?




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                                        I too have this error message and have been talking with Adobe support who seem to be stumped. Upon Adobe supports suggestions, I have tried the following on my Mac to no avail:


                                        1. Reinstall Clean OS (Snow Leopard 10.6.8), Reinstall CS5, Installed all updates- error returns on Launch

                                        2. Uninstall CS5, Run CleanScript, Reinstall CS5 on Root User Installed all updates - error returns on Launch

                                        3. Uninstall CS5, Run CleanScript, Reinstall CS5, Installed all updates, Reboot Mac in Safe Mode - error returns on Launch


                                        Also, I've noticed that any time I restart the mac, the following file is located in a "Recovered files" Folder in the Trash:



                                        I've checked the "Required" Folder in the Apps' "Package Contents"

                                        ScriptUIFlexServer-app.xml file size is 4KB - file is labeled as XML File

                                        ScriptUIFlexServer.swf file size is 516 KB - file is labeled as Shockwave Flash Movie


                                        Permissions for both files are as you suggest


                                        Launch error occurs EVERY time application is opened. and the machine is doing nothing in the background.


                                        AAAGGHHh...so very frustrating. Please help.

                                        Is it possible that I have a bad installation disc??

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                                          mrwilfong Level 1

                                          AAAHHH HAAA!!! Problem Solved!


                                          When I reinstalled my OSx, I named my startup drive "APPLICATIONS"...since AE is located in a folder of the same name, there was a conflict.

                                          I changed the name of my startup disk and held down Shift + Option + Command while clicking the application icon in the dock (this will reset AE preferences) and "VOILÁ". No more cryptic startup error.



                                          I noticed that my Photoshop Scripts were having similar issues. I tried to use the Photomerge option and received an error saying "JavaCode was missing"...so changing the name of my startup disk then holding down Shift + Option + Command while clicking the application icon in the dock fixed that problem as well.


                                          Hope this helps anyone else experience this little annoyance.


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                                            Josh mehler Level 1

                                            You did it!!!!  That solved it!!!  Nice work. Thanks!