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    2 Performace Architecture Questions

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1
      1.) MyFlexApp.mxml (layout="vertical") has a docked ApplicationControlBar (height ="10%") with 2 rows of icons/menus, each row with 3 sections. Is there a better layout strategy than nesting (and/or what is the performance hit from this level of nesting?)

      HBox - HBox - HBox
      HBox - HBox - HBox

      2.) Below the AppControlBar I have a <flexmdi:MDICanvas width="100%" height="100%" > (to enable drag/drop and resizing of flexmdi:MDIWindows) containing an MXML component consisting largely of layered pngs and jpgs (which make resizing "expensive").

      Would it be better to make either the background for the MDICanvas a swf or what is contained in the canvas a swf

      <! -- Note our biz model requires something like http://www.jamesward.org/wordpress/?p=66 (png) or http://www.mainada.net/inputdraw (jpg) to generate personalized swfs but so be it -- >

      in that http://www.cflex.net/showFileDetails.cfm?ObjectID=690 details how to communicate with an app loaded by SWFLoader or is this over complicating matters?

      Experimentation to ensue on my part but suggestions would be much appreciated.