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    Upgrade the OS or the whole system?

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      I'm pretty keen to upgrade from CS3 that I used to for hacking around some SD video to CS5 to work on Canon h.264 and XDCamHD 4:2:2 Nanoflash recorder files for some personal projects. Currently I have what WAS a rockstar system at the time but I'm trying to figure out if I should build a whole new machine or just upgrade the OS.


      Current system:


      Dell XPS 720


      WinXP SP3


      Intel Core2 Duo E6850 @ 3Ghz


      4Gb RAM (only 3Gb used by XP)


      nVidia GeForce 8800GTX (CUDA compliant according to web site)


      Soundblaster X-Fi


      Lots of storage




      So, understanding that I'm not a professional editor, I'm looking at $3K-$4K+ for a new i7/nVidia GTX480/12Gb RAM system or I can upgrade the RAM to 8Gb (max the system will support) and the OS to Win7/64 for about $450-ish.  Would the existing system see a signifigant performance increase with just the OS and RAM upgrade or would that $$$ be better spent by investing in a new system?


      1¢ for your thoughts.