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    is Adobe by any chance resolving the z-index for Acrobat Reader Plugin?


      I have a situation where a DHTML pulldown menu needs to z-index infront of an embedded PDF <object> or a PDF <Iframe>.


      I have attemtpted this several different ways, which included z-indexing the DHTML menu as far to the front as possible, and adding a div tag around the <object> or <iframe> in an attempt to z-index it back -1.  These did not work for the embed PDF, although it worked for the css border around that PDF.


      With the exception of finding one JQUERY script online (which only resolves the Acrobat Reader z-index plugin issue for IE6), there was nothing else.


      And there seems to be many people looking for answers to this problem.


      It would certainly be a vaulable function, and am wondering if Adobe has attempted to add this feature in upcoming versions?