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    WebDAV in IIS7 issues


      Hi all,


      I am working on setting up a new hosted web service for the company I work for.


      The setup is as follows:


      4 blade servers

      Windows Server 2008 R2 std

      Failover Cluster configuration

      IIS 7.5 with WebDAV 7.5 Module

      Using WebDAV over SSL for connectivity


      WebDAV over SSL is working for several different products (Expression Web, SharePoint Designer, etc...) but I cannot get it working with Dreamweaver CS4/CS5


      i receive the below errors:


      "An HTP error occurred. Dreamweaver cannot make a connection to host. Your login or password is incorrect. Please check your connection information."




      "Cannot display the remote folder: An HTTP WebDAV error occurred. Dreamweaver  cannot get a listing for the folder you specified. Make sure you have proper  authorization on the server, and the server is properly configured."


      any help would be greatly appreciated. Even a link on how to configure WebDAV on IIS7 to work with Dreamweaver would be great.