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    Welcome to the Creative Suite SDK Forum

    aolenskie Adobe Employee

      This forum is intended for developer questions on the Adobe Creative Suite SDK. It’s appropriate for questions related to the SDK, using the SDK for creating Creative Suite extensions, or using the tooling provided in the SDK to sign and package the extensions for deployment.

      The Adobe Creative Suite SDK allows developers to build extensions that run in multiple Creative Suite desktop applications. The extensibility model is based on the AIR/Flex platform. Due to this, developers can easily integrate their services with the Creative Suite applications, as well as extend the Creative Suite applications in novel ways (through direct access to application object models).

      Providing a single consistent extensibility model across Creative Suite applications allows developers to re-use large parts of their solutions in many products - reducing overall development costs and extending the reach of developers to more products.

      CS5 extensions run in an embedded AIR 2.0 runtime, allowing developers to make use of AIR APIs and leverage the Flex ecosystem. Access to the application object models are provided through the provision of the Creative Suite ActionScript Wrapper (CSAW) libraries.

      Deployment of extensions is facilitated through the Extension Manager application that is delivered as part of the Creative Suite. The SDK provides details on how to sign and package extensions for deployment.

      Click here for additional information and availability of the Creative Suite SDK.

      The Adobe Developer Technologies Team