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    Screen shot quality




      this may be more a photoshop question, but I couldn't find the right area :-)


      I have Illustrator and PS CS4


      What I am looking to achieve is to take a screen shot of a website and turn it into an image file.


      I am doing this by shift/print screen and ctrl +v to paste it.


      But the quality is not great.


      Is there a trick to get it photo quality?


      Many thanks


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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          You should be pasting it into Photoshop, not Illustrator. Yo should save using a non-lossy compression format, like PSD, TIF, or PNG. Do not save as JPEG. As for “photo quality”, that’s a bit vague. Photo images intended for print are intended to have a high resolution at their output size. Assuming a reasonable output resolution of 250 pixels-per-inch (ppi), a small headshot to accompany a magazine byline would only need to be 250 pixels square to be printed at one inch square (0.0625 megapixels). But a magazine cover might need to be 2,500 pixels by 3,300 pixels (over seven megapixels).


          If an image is intended only for on-screen display, like on a web page or in a presentation, then the only resolution that matters is how many pixels in the image, because it can only be displayed at one pixels-per-pixel.Screen images are intended to look like screen images, and that’s all they ever can be, because that’s all the image data there will be.


          Perhaps you want to use a screen capture in print to build a manual or show a program’s interface or how a web page is rendered. In that case, you want the image to have a low-resolution pixelated appearance becasue htat’s exactly what it is.


          Tell us what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish and we can give specific and appropriate advice.

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